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  1. Wanting a room with a family or young adults

    Listing ID: L12041451123653
  2. Jackie Basic Member
    Rent: up to $200 per Week
    Moving Date: 25 Oct 2014
    Minimum stay: 4 Weeks

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    Hi, I'm Jackie. I'm a 20 year old Australian christian. I'm from Ingham. I'm moving to Townsville to work or study. I'm still trying to decide. I'm willing to pay $140 a week at the most for a room without utilities and $160 a week at the most with utilities included and $220 a week at the most with food included. I'd love to live with someone who provides food or who is at least happy to take turns cooking and share the grocery bill. I enjoy cooking so you won't go hungry when living with me. I love the company of others, and hugs. I'd like to think that I'm a generous person, always lending an ear or helping out. I ask that the room is furnished and that wifi is provided. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

    Flatmate Info

    Personal Info Preferred Flatmate
    Smoker No Doesn't Matter
    Occupation Others Doesn't Matter
    Your Gender: Female Doesn't Matter
    Age: 19 from 18 to 99 yrs. old
    Pets: No Doesn't Matter
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    Created Date: 14/04/2012     Last Update Date: 19/09/2014
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