Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


I'm a recent economic graduate and I'm moving to Canberra from Sydney to work in a graduate program. I'm looking for a share house that has great flatmates! (who also are clean and tidy!)

I'm sociable and outgoing (not a wild party animal!) and love good company, I would come home from my work day and hangout with my housemates, over food, wine, cups of tea or netflix. I also do love some down time, which I spend with my nose buried into a good book! My start date is flexible, I'm willing to began to pay rent in December or anytime leading up to my job starting in January for the right place!

I love animals, so if you've got pets thats a bonus! One of my hobbies is horses, I ride regularly in Sydney and would love to continue in Canberra. I also play social netball, enjoy a good boogie and exploring! I would visit Sydney every now and then, but I would love to explore Canberra and the surrounding areas, perhaps some camping and ski trips are on the cards!

Listing ID: L18120494651378

Posted on 4 December 2018